About Us

Innovation From The Start

Welcome to Akvila, a Finnish innovation driven family-owned company founded in 1920. We manufacture unbreakable & reusable high-quality glassware and plates. In addition, we produce reusable glasses in consumer friendly retail carton packages, also under the brand VERDI.

With a variety of designs suited for many different environments and occasions, we provide a sustainable alternative to replace single use plastic glasses with reusable, high-quality, attractive, multi-purpose, safe and responsibly produced glasses.

They are ideal for both home and business, indoors and outdoors as an elegant, safe to use glass – an unbeatable alternative for daily use in areas unsuitable for regular glass.

All our products are designed and manufactured at our factory in Outokumpu, Finland.


Akvila is a flexible, efficient and innovation driven family-owned company, founded over a century ago.


The company’s roots are in the town of Vyborg (now part of Russia) in the 1920s with walking salesmen offering inks and decorated nibs of ink pens. Akvila inks and glues were widely used in society and thus became a symbol of the nation’s civilization especially in the school environment, still remembered by the older generations. Until the 1960s ballpoint pens were still in use and ink bottles were needed in the era of fountain pens that followed.


The production of plastic products was introduced when a bake lite press was acquired to produce bake lite caps for glue and ink bottles.


In the 1960s the production line was expanded to disposable plastic cutlery. They eventually became the company’s main product line.


In 1995 Akvila started to produce glasses for multiple use as a sustainable alternative for disposables, made of polycarbonate, which is the same material that CD discs are made of. The Smart, Privilege and Tao glass lines were introduced with domestic and international markets in focus.


Today, unbreakable glasses represent the main product line of the company. Akvila has 2,500 square meters glass production capacity including 7 injection molding machines and inhouse tampo printing capacity. We are constantly seeking new opportunities to enlarge our portfolio of products and market share. Akvila’s unbreakables are well known throughout the beverage industry, HoReCa and the retail trade.

An advertisement from 1937. Akvila had won several national recognitions including gold and silver prizes for its high quality. The writing and copying inks produced by Akvila were approved as an official writing ink in Finland on 12 July 1922.
Source: http://digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi
Akvila glue from the 1950’s.
Source: Turun museokeskus

Our values

Akvila is committed to quality, environment, safety, and food safety of the highest standards.

In our operations, we keep our promises and do everything we can to satisfy customers’ expectations and needs. We continuously improve the quality of our products, services, and operations. We are committed to BSCI Code of Conduct values.

Our ethical code of conduct includes compliance with laws and regulations, fighting corruption and bribery, respect of human rights, equality, diversity, and equality. We take responsibility for a safe, healthy, and well-maintained working environment wherever we operate. We do not accept sexual or other harassment and the use of child labor. We encourage our employees and stakeholders to raise their concerns in case of violations of any kind.

We follow the principles and practices of responsible environmental management in all our business operations. We focus on constantly improving the efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint in our value chain in accordance with best practices. We are committed to high quality products and services. We interact closely with our customers so that we can understand their needs and expectations and ensure sustainable business relationships.