It looks like glass, feels like glass, but don’t break like glass

Who we are

We manufacture unbreakable & reusable high quality glassware.

The advantage

Unbreakable glasses are a sustainable alternative to replace single use plastic glasses.

Added values

Crystal clarity, thermal insulation and stackability. High heat-resistance (+ 110°C), machine washable and multiple reuse (min. 1500 cycles).


Unbreakable, high quality, strong and durable beer glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, or drink glasses. We even got plates that won’t break. Choose your category of our multipurpose glasses that boast satisfied customers across different restaurants, events, and sporting environments including sailing, caravanning, and camping. Our glasses offer an unbeatable alternative for daily use in areas unsuitable for glass.

Flexible Solutions for Retail Trade

Retail Products

Product range

We offer four main product groups to meet the requirements of different customer segments.
Our reusable products are suitable for different kind of occasions such as festivals, events, restaurants, nightclubs, boats, and other busy places where glass is either banned or potentially dangerous. Our glasses are strong, unbreakable, durable, offering good thermal insulation and crystal clearness. They are also compact to pack, stackable, lightweight, and easy to use.


Economy range


Medium range


Premium level

Akvila Plates


Partner With Us – B2B Business

Akvila is constantly looking to expand its range of satisfied customers and we are open for B2B cooperation. Please, use the contact form to reach us.



We are focused on the design and production of glasses.

A trustworthy Nordic partner

We use only food contact approved raw materials from reliable sources.


We are known for high product quality and product safety.

Reliability and flexibility

We are an agile supplier, whose cornerstones are speed of operation and quality of service.


Our products offer an almost unlimited area of use.


We use reusable & recyclable raw materials, and our glasses replace disposables.


Akvila has long term customers including Carlsberg, Heineken and Pernod Ricard as well as an increasing number of partners within horeca and retail trade.